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a piece about female genital mutilation

"...In the end, it had to be that she was stitched there with real thread. It was what the piece really needed. But the fact that I had to sit there and do that to a vagina (real or drawn) almost broke me. Well, it did break me...I was sobbing when I actually did the stitching...I just didn't want to hurt her like that. And of course, 'she' was just a symbol in my mind for every other woman who has experienced mutilation and humiliation, but 'she' was still real enough that I felt the need to talk to her. And I cried for her pain, even while I was the one creating it."

-blog excerpt from S. Goetsch's "On the Edge of Art", November 14, 2008

The (Womb) Wound Must Be Honored
The (Womb) Wound Must Be Honored
watercolor, thread on paper