Recent/Past Exhibitions

What: Deck the Walls
curator: Sarah McCann
Where: Jubilee Arts, Baltimore MD
When: November 8 - 29, 2019

What: Blurred Boundaries - Exploring Identity in a Transient World, pop-up
Where: Jordan Apartments, 21217
When: August 15 - 17, 2019

What: Bats in Belfries, two-person
Where: Rouse Company Foundation Art Gallery,
Howard Community College, Columbia MD
When: April 1 - May 6, 2019
Reception: April 11, 5 - 7pm
an exhibition by Shana R. Goetsch & Danielle Garzelloni

Bats in Belfries, refers to an old colloquialism which presents bats as an allegory for mental illness. It relates architecture or structures to that of the mind’s own framework. In related histories, both artists have experienced unexpected, physical confrontations with bats inside their homes. If a house or building is seen as a symbol for the Self, what is it like to discover the bat inside the Self? To be inhabited by the bat? Terror, repulsion, exhilaration, fear, wonder, surprise? The nature of the work is layered in psychology and Jungian archetypes, paying particular attention to the Shadow and the Trickster.